The current temperature is both -170C and 400C, air pressure approaching infinity, water gone, food scarce and the First Mate has won the quoits contest yet again!

This is Black. hole. in. the. net. a pretty poor excuse for a vanity server© Its dark, pressured, not very much lives here and you have the life expectancy of a gnat.

Below you will be given the option to view some of the pages of people on this machine. If you want my advice (which you probably dont, but I'm going to give it to you anyway) you should leave by the first emergency lifepod, but you can't because you are in a black hole.

Your Stars for the day say that 'Life is Short, Make the most of it. Help will come from unexpected quarters. Don't eat tulips on Wednesday.'

And, do you know, they are right. Except for the bit about tulips.

Inmates, Err Residents

Joe Warren-Meeks - The Administrator of this fine box.

Guy van den Berg - A DBA on a mission from God.

To Be Dr. Ben - The Medical Doctor with an attitude.

To Be Dr. Dan Swan - Dan, Dan the DNA Man.

James Smith - Multimedia JimBob hangs out in Finland. Wild Eh?

Kav Raja - He is a bit weird..

William John Hulley - Genius.. 'nuff said.

Andrew Matthews - Just don't mess. Ok? You will lose. Kung-fu, network security, scary shit..

Rob Fuller - Shark.. makes jaws look like a lightweight.

Gus - Gus. Just gus. Scottish. what can you do eh?

Marc Rogers - Big, tattooed, scary. Man can party.

Alissa Rogers - Married to the above. There is no accounting for taste really.

William van Zwanenberg - Crazy name, crazy guy.